xilinx, inc.

RISK MANAGEMENT 101: While most investors “didn’t see it coming,” Wall Street Horizon notified risk managers of Xilinx (NASDAQ: XLNX) negatives – four days prior to a month’s long series of price drops.

To be fair, there were a lot of conflicting signals regarding Xilinx, Inc. On the positive side, there’s AI and 5G and [prior to Wall Street Horizon’s Datebreaks Change], a lot of positive analyst guidance. On the negative side, the Coronavirus and flat earnings.

But ambiguity is a frequent companion.

That’s why institutional asset managers, quants, and traders all use Wall Street Horizon data to provide early identification of risk exposure. Be it stand-alone or used as a sort of “fundamental dataset” alongside all your other data sets, our clients use Wall Street Horizon data to identify risk; risk that many others “didn’t see coming.”

On October 24, 2019, Wall Street Horizon flashed a Datebreaks Change indicating a negative “corporate body posture” for XLNX. The concern was that XLNX extended its earnings date announcement by 6 days, a typical negative indicator. According to Wall Street Horizon’s tracking data, this 6-day extension to its forecasted date of January 22, 2020 telegraphed trouble.

Four days after the Datebreaks Change, XLNX started falling, starting at $93.12 on October 24th (the date Wall Street Horizon informed its risk management clients) to $84.48 on February 2, 2020.

From a risk management perspective, a joint research effort by the MIT Sloan School of Management and the University of Texas produced a whitepaper entitled: “Time Will Tell: Information in the Timing of Scheduled Earnings News.”

It highlights how delayed earnings dates can often be indications of negative news. Wall Street Horizon also offers a wide range of data, products and services that help a global list of institutional investors identify and mitigate risk.

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