Data Expert Speed Consults

Date and Time
October 14th, 2020, 8am - 2pm EST

15 minute 1-to-1 consult free of charge.

Private consult designed to help you and your firm advance in the use of corporate event data. Experts from capital markets and the data industry are here to educate and help institutional investors and traders. This event is hosted by Wall Street Horizon and is not a sales pitch.

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Topic 1: What keeps you up at night? Bring your big data problems to untangle.

Data strategy veteran Chris Petrescu will share his experiences on using corporate event data defensively to manage positions. Whether it is earnings, dividend or investor conference related, learn how to use event data to benefit from or sidestep volatility.  Note: this session will be customized to address your specific data worries.

Chris Petrescu founded CP Capital to bring Data Strategy as a Service to the financial world.  Chris was previously Head of Data Strategy at ExodusPoint Capital Management, where he managed global data sourcing and strategic enterprise data efforts across both quantitative and discretionary teams across all asset classes.  Chris was also a data strategist at WorldQuant. He speaks frequently about alternative data on industry panels including:  AI and Data Science in Trading, Battlefin and Neudata.

Topic 2: How can your investment firm make better use of alt data?

Data source and strategy expert Todd Schmucker will share his experiences on sourcing and managing alternative datasets. Alongside bespoke fundamental datasets, how does corporate event data intersect with alt data? You will learn the key attributes to ensure you secure data of the highest quality.

Todd Schmucker is an alternative data veteran who is currently at Catalina, a Consumer Packaged Goods intelligence company, where he is leading the product development and sales efforts for a new data product tailored to investors.  Prior to Catalina, Todd spent 3 years at Balyasny Asset Management where he built and led the firm’s Data Strategy group.  Todd has over 20 years of professional experience and was previously at Point72 Asset Management, where he was an Associate Director on the Data Sourcing & Strategy team for 6 years.

Topic 3: Learn how to read "corporate body language" that can impact trading and risk strategies.

Wall Street Horizon CEO Barry Star will detail the silent cues deriving from corporate events that can provide the earliest indication that something positive or negative is about to happen in a company. Examples of events that can impact financial health of company include earnings and dividend dates that are moved up or pushed back, stock split timing changes and sudden changes in participation in conferences. 

Barry Star originally developed Wall Street Horizon’s accurate event data feeds to meet the extreme tolerances of options traders and market makers, allowing them to take advantage of or avoid event-driven volatility.  His 30 years of experience solving problems in the financial world began at Fidelity where he developed the first PC-based brokerage trading system. 

Topic 4: Learn why tracking changes in corporate event data can correlate directly with boosting alpha.

Find out the skinny on how academic research using Wall Street Horizon data has shown that earnings date revisions can have a significant impact on investment returns.  Subject matter expert Michael Raines will elaborate on “event clusters” and what to look for in changes to corporate event dates and content.

Author of whitepaper Exploring Corporate Event Data and Volatility published on Social Science Research Network (SSRN), Michael Raines originally hails from academia. He has worked with investment and financial firms for more than 25 years on a broad range of capital market issues. He is active in several financial associations including Chicago Quantitative Alliance (CQA).

I am not ready for a 1-1 consultation.

No worries - access Wall Street Horizon on-demand resources below. Advance your knowledge of corporate event data and how it impacts trading and risk strategies.

If you only have 5 minutes, learn why accurate event data matters for trading and risk. Director of Quantitative Data Solutions Mike Raines details events like investor related conferences, earnings date revisions and more! Watch Mike’s secret video

If you can grab 15 minutes, The COVID-19 Corporate Event Impact Report provides key impact data affecting equities and market sectors such as earnings date revisions, suspended dividends, investor conferences and more. Download free report.

      If you can spare 30 minutes or more, read topical whitepapers including:

Exploring Corporate Data and Volatility: Considerations for Academic and Financial Industry Research

Extreme Ways: Trends and Consequences in Preliminary Earnings Events

Using Corporate Event Data to Navigate Low-Latency in Equity Options: Strategies for Institutional Traders & Market Makers