Eaton Corporation

Risk managers demand a clear event horizon, Wall Street Horizon delivers ultimate transparency.

Look across any time horizon for Eaton Corporation (ETN), it’s punctuated by corporate events: earnings date revisions, option expiration dates, investor conferences, analyst events. Frequently, these events foretell volatility and price movement.  Each letter in the chart below corresponds to a corporate event: and institutional investors layer these “corporate body language” data alongside all other bespoke datasets.

100% primary-sourced “event horizon” data is unheard of in the industry, but that’s why Wall Street Horizon is used in addition to Bloomberg and other feeds, not to mention meeting your compliance department’s high standards.

Track your “event horizon” by single equity, by portfolio, sector, index, geography – and call our API as much as you want! Fill out the form to learn more.

SOURCE: Wall Street Horizon, Inc. “event horizon” data for Eaton Corp. (ETN). Each letter corresponds to a specific corporate event institutional risk managers use to gain transparency across their portfolio.