Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank pops 14% as Wall Street Horizon data accurately tracks “precursor events.”

Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) stock recently capped its highest level in 16 months with Wall Street Horizon data acting as precursor to most price movements.

Whether it’s the multiple earnings date changes, reporting of “unconfirmed” to “confirmed” status changes, or providing the original source link to Deutsche Bank’s Fixed Income Conference Call/Business Update right before the 14% pop, Wall Street Horizon delivers a level of corporate event tracking unsurpassed in the global Fintech industry.

In fact, our client base of institutional traders and asset managers frequently purchase Wall Street Horizon in addition to Bloomberg or other market terminals.

Take a look at this chart:  it’s not just our level of corporate event tracking – but rapidly informing our institutional clients of changes or revisions to these data – that sets us apart as a unique data source for 17 years running.

Find out how institutional clients use Wall Street Horizon as a critical and trusted data feed over and above what any market terminal can offer. 

SOURCE: Wall Street Horizon, Inc. proprietary event data for Deutsche Bank (DB).  Event data are analyzed for alpha or risk factors; sophisticated clients group into “event clusters” and/or contrast with other bespoke data sets.