Cancer genetics

FINTECH MINDSET: I like it when my cortex is happy. Wall Street Horizon tracks splits, analysts days, and innovation updates at commercial conferences.

After winning a large deal in neck-and-neck competition with a very large market terminal (we won’t mention who), we heard through the grapevine what was said about Wall Street Horizon:

“Those guys are simply superior,” they said.  And since we’re talking healthcare below, well, forgive us if our cortex is feeling happy.

Here’s an example of both the extreme data quality and in-depth insight Wall Street Horizon provides everyday to institutional investors and traditional asset managers, take a look at the Cancer Genetics (CGIX) chart below. 

Wall Street Horizon notified clients on October 24, 2019 of the “announcement date” and “approval” for the 1:30 split, producing a near 35x price gain.

On November 19, 2019, Wall Street Horizon notified clients of 3-part “event cluster.”  We delivered the “Earnings Report” with original source link; we confirmed the next earnings date, and then a “Datebreaks Change.”  Just after this “event cluster,” CGIX popped from $2.08 to $6.05.

On December 2, 2019, we highlighted CGIX’s participation in the World Vaccine & Immunotherapy Congress event, providing source links to the conference and presenters. Wall Street Horizon then informed clients of multiple upcoming CGIX Investor Conferences and Analyst Meetings (with original source links), corresponding to a stock slide down to $4.03.

SOURCE: Wall Street Horizon, Inc. proprietary event data for Cancer Genetics, Inc. (CGIX).  Event data are analyzed for alpha or risk factors; sophisticated clients group data into “event clusters” and contrast with other bespoke data sets.

Institutional traders and asset managers purchase Wall Street Horizon’s corporate event data to find alpha or manage risk – often time augmenting their market terminals with our XML or API feeds.

Has the earnings date changed?  If so, has it been moved forwards or backwards?  Does the company have lots of commercial conferences on its horizon?  Who’s presenting?  What is the topic?  Is the company embarking on a series of Investor Conferences?  Are they meeting with Analysts?  Can I easily click through to the original source links?

It’s not just the comprehensive nature of the corporate event data, but our ability to rapidly inform institutional clients of the changes or revisions to these data that sets us apart as a unique Fintech data source for the past 17 years.  Our historical data is so strong, academic institutions rely on Wall Street Horizon for the most accurate and comprehensive data to use in their research all over the world.

Contact us to understand why Wall Street Horizon is the trusted corporate events data provider over and above what any market terminal (or any other provider) can offer.