Briggs & Stratton Corporation

Briggs & Stratton stock mowed down, as Wall Street Horizon data popped up 20 days in advance.

Briggs & Stratton Corp. (BGG) stock, the company that made its name in lawn mowers, got clipped hard with a 25% gap down after its January 30, 2020 earnings announcement. However, Wall Street Horizon notified clients on January 10th of a “DVV,” a key event that earmarked BGG’s “negative corporate body language” a full 20 days in advance its earnings announcement. Clients were also notified of BGG’s dividends suspension within 200 milliseconds.

The company now says it’s begun a “repositioning plan” and plans to focus on its core strengths.  Wall Street Horizon is tracking BGG’s “event horizon,” including what industry conferences are they attending?  Is management presenting?  Discover for yourself how Wall Street Horizon data is ideal for alpha and risk management.