New Product: DateBreaks 3.0

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Recent academic research has shown that tracking changes to earnings announcement dates can help investors generate additional alpha or avoid risk in their portfolios. Institutional traders need accurate earnings date revisions for trading and risk strategies as well as to evaluate if a company's revised earnings date acts as a barometer for the overall corporate financial health.

This time-stamped alert is updated every 5 minutes from 5am-11pm ET and contains confirmations, reschedules and revisions to upcoming earnings release dates and confirmation status.

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Highlights of DateBreaks features include:

  • NEW Confidence Indicator -- Captures Wall Street Horizon confidence level in forecasted earnings dates based on historical data. Levels include A, B, C or I (insufficient data).

  • NEW Confirmed Date Z-Score -- This number measures how far a confirmed earnings date revision deviates as compared to the last 5 years of the same quarter.

  • NEW Number of Days Changed -- Shows the calculated difference between the current confirmed or unconfirmed earnings date and the first date projected by Wall Street Horizon for that quarter.

  • NEW Filing Due Date -- Indicates SEC filing deadline for quarterly or annual results.

  • NEW Same Store Sales -- Flags when company reports same store sales along with quarterly or annual results.

  • NEW Source URL -- Includes link to underlying release or web site artifact.

  • NEW Disclaimer -- This flag indicates that the company's earnings date appears on their website with a disclaimer. The earnings date status is unconfirmed because of the disclaimer.

  • Earnings Date Revision and Status -- Details revisions to earnings announcement dates and/or status, for example status change from “unconfirmed” to “confirmed.

  • Revision Source -- Indicates whether earnings announcement date is sourced from Wall Street Horizon proprietary algorithm forecast, analyst research or company-issued press release.

  • Options Expiration Date -- Alerts when the new earnings announcement date crosses before or after the weekly or monthly option contract expiration

  • Preliminary Announcement Dates - Includes when companies issue preliminary earnings announcements.

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