Data Minds Panel - October 21, 2021

The Rise of the Retail Investor - Implications for Institutions and Regulators

The last two years have helped foster the perfect trading environment for retail participants. The COVID-19 pandemic, which caused both a surplus in time and money, plus the rise of no-commission trading apps such as Robinhood (and many competitors), lead to an influx of retail traders into the market. Increased participation by retail traders has presented challenges for institutional investors. Those challenges have forced both discretionary and non-discretionary professionals to take an even closer look at the data they use to create edge, to deal with things like inaccessible liquidity on individual stocks. 

You will learn:

  • How can institutional investors overcome the challenges presented by more retail investing? How can data help?

  • How will regulatory action, such as the potential ban on payment for order flow and restrictions against gamification of investing apps, come into play? 

  • Have we seen a major shift in market structure (makeup of institutional vs. retail participants) like this before? Can history provide any clue as to what happens next?


Speakers include:

  • Tim Baker, CFA - Moderator
    • Formerly Head of IEX Cloud
  • Jessica Stauth, Ph.D.
    • Chief Investment Officer - Active Strategies, Geode Capital Management
  • Asha Mehta, CFA
    • Managing Partner & CIO, Global Delta Capital
  • Chris Petrescu
    • Founder of CP Capital, Formerly at ExodusPoint and WorldQuant
  • Franklin Gold
    • Co-CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, Orion Trading Systems